YouTube TV Update Focus Mostly On User Interface & New UI Installation

YouTube TV is a live streaming service of Google which streams popular TV channels with YouTube’s Clean & straightforward interface. It’s available on various consoles like Smart Tv’s, Streaming boxes, Computers & mobile devices.

YouTube Authority has started worldwide YouTube TV update over the past week which is mostly based on improving user interface and a new fresh UI installation. The new update affects the playing screen very briefly. The new Youtube TV update also adds features like progressive fast forward, better suggestions & larger thumbnails.

The most important thing about this update is the new fresh UI which will give the interface a much eye-catching look with fewer options showing in the playing screen. Previous users Will notice that only a few buttons & options are available now on the top & bottom as Recommendation row along the bottom side has been removed in this new style. Though all the previous options are not completely removed, they are all available but it has been moved to the new layout to give it a fresher look. The thumbnails will be larger than before and the suggestion generating algorithm will be improved also to generate greater suggestions.

YouTube TV Progressive fast forward
YouTube TV Progressive fast forward

Another update is progressive fast forward which means holding down the forward button for longer will skip portions of the program faster. Specifically, it will skip 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute per second the longer you hold down the skip button.

This YouTube TV update is rolling out for all Users on all platforms. A source said that already 50% of the user has got the new update. If you have not gotten it then uninstall and reinstall the YouTube TV app Will be a good trick to try on. otherwise, You can wait for the update to come for your device.

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