Easiest Way To Do WhatsApp Website Integration [Fully Illustrated Guide]

What is Whatsapp Website Integration?

Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging app. However, They have windows & mac versions too. Lots of companies, websites are thinking to Integrate WhatsApp in their websites to convert their visitors into customers. WhatsApp website Integration can make Your Website more valuable to your users.

Whatsapp Website Integration Is a process by which you can integrate WhatsApp with your website and provide your visitors an option to contact you via a call to action WhatsApp live chat button.

Integrating WhatsApp for your websites means that, You are providing your user’s instant communication support which will make a huge impact on user experience. Moreover, it will make your site or business more trustworthy & Useful.

What level Of Whatsapp Website Integration Do You need?

The answer to this question includes different possibilities. If you have a business account linked to a number on which you want to address your customers’ requests. Then you can use the APIs provided by WhatsApp Business. After that, you can set up a call to action to your WhatsApp chat.

For example, you can put a widget on your website with a click-to-chat button.

If instead, your intention is to have a tool that allows you, in addition to integrating WhatsApp, to automatically manage customers, then you have to try an unofficial integration tool. It means a solution that allows you to completely manage your communication activities through WhatsApp API.

For example, you can build an autoreply chatbot or chat with customers from all over the world, supported by real-time translate chat.

How To Integrate WhatsApp for Websites?

Method #1- Using Javascript Code

You can use a Javascript code of Whatsapp API that will allow integrating WhatsApp in your website. This code will make appear WhatsApp live chat button on the right bottom corner of your Website.

Whenever someone clicks to the button, this will redirect the user to WhatsApp web login page and he can easily log in to his WhatsApp account and chat with the admin.

This is 100% Free And You do not need any tool, Widget to integrate WhatsApp to your website.

#Step 1

First, You Need to collect the javascript code which you will have to implement in your site. For This I recommend you to go to This Link [Click Here]. This is a third party Company which provides the functionality to integrate WhatsApp with your website.

Whatsapp website integration free

#Step 2

Scroll Down and you will find several options are mentioned before you get the code.

The first Option is You have To choose Your Messaging app. Select WhatsApp, Then a form will appear asking for your WhatsApp mobile number along with your country code.

The second step is to customize your call to action button. However, This section is mostly for premium users but you can also do pretty much basic things to do with your customization.

You can change the position of your call to action button as left or right and the text of the button.

Next Step is in the 3rd Section on the website. Jump There and you will get a form asking for your email button. Give your email address and click on the get button code.

After that, you will be provided with the javascript code you need to implement on your website. Copy the code and save it somewhere you can make use of it later.

#Step 3

Login To Your WordPress Dashboard. Look for a new plugin named “Insert Headers & Footers“.This a Free plugin which helps you to integrate any javascript Codes without touching any codes of your websites. Install & activate the plugin.

Jump to the Setting tab and you will see a new option has appeared Insert headers & Footers. Click On that and you will see two boxes has appeared. One is for Header and another is for the footer.

As per direction from the code generator website, it asked to paste the javascript code before the body tag.

So, here you will have to paste the code in the section “Scripts In Footer “.Paste The Code and save it.

That’s All we had to do to perform WhatsApp Website Integration & WhatsApp chat button to display in our website.

Watch The Video below If you find it Difficult

Whatsapp Integration to Website

Method #2 – Using Chat Widget

Using the Chat widget to integrate WhatsApp with a website is very popular among the website owners.

Chat widgets will provide you the opportunity to chat with your customers, to look through their location, browsing page, what browser are they using and many more.

However, most of the chat widget provides you the basic uses for free. Moreover, their paid plans will provide you more flexibility with chat widgets.

Though lots of Chat widgets are available out there, only a few of them works great. I will be guiding you through one of them which is Tidio Live chat Widget. You can Also Try Callbel, Whatshelp if You want.

#Step 1

First Install a new plugin to your WordPress dashboard named “Tidio Live Chat“.For Using Tidio Live Chat Widget You need To Go through this link [Click Here]. Give The Information It ask and click on create a free account.

#Step 2

A New Page Will Appear asking more information. Fill all the form with valid information and click on continue.

Now several pages will come through the process asking about your welcome message, how you will interact with your audience. Select or change them as you like until you find something to add in your website.

#Step 3

Copy the Code Provided and paste it by using the process written in (Method 1, Step 3). Now you are all set To go. Check Your website and you will see the Live chat button have been implemented on your site.

For Other Customization & Automation, Watch the Video Below

Tidio Live Chat

What Are the Purposes of Integrating Whatsapp to Website?

  1. Whatsapp is the most widely used Messaging app with over 1.3 billion active users per month. So It is an app which can help to get a global audience.
  2. When people found a live chat support system on your website there is a boost up happens of users experience and people are going to belive more in Your Website.
  3. You can help people finding the best product suitable for them by which you can convert your visitors into customers.
  4. Whatsapp Helps to make your Website Most useful to its users.

Conclusion –

Whatsapp Integration to website By using Whatsapp API is the most Useful, & easiest way to Integrate WhatsApp in your website. On the other hand, Using a Live chat Widget for Whatsapp Website Integration will help you to get more information about users which will be very effective if you are running a Web store. It’s all about your job to find out which option will help you the most.

If you find any difficulties Following those methods make a comment below so that I can guide you through. You know someone who is having difficulties with Whatsapp integration share this article with them.

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