Free Tools To Unzip Files Online 2019

We know that windows have a built-in option to extract Zip Files. But when It comes to other popular formats like 7z, Rar, Iso requires Third-party software to compress & decompress files. Suppose, you don’t have a third party software installed on your pc and you have to open a Compressed file. In that scenario, You can Unzip files Online by using Online File Unzipper tools.

There is a lot of websites on the web that works as a free Online file unzipper. In this article, I will give you a well-researched analysis of the features of these online zip file opener tools.

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Online Unzipper Tools to Unzip Files Online

B1 Online Archiver to Unzip a File Online

B1 Online Archiver is a multiformat supported free online unzipper tool. This Online extract tool supports a considerable amount (45+) of archive formats including Zip, Rar, Iso & 7z.

It can Also extract password-protected compressed files & have a user-friendly interface. A lot of features makes it one of the best tools to unzip a file online.

You can upload a file to unzip online by clicking on the big blue button. Once the upload process is finished, it will automatically start to extract the file. Though the process is fast enough, you have to wait for a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your file size.

After the extraction process is completed it will show the files that were compressed. You can download the files by simply clicking on it. It also has Browser extension, Windows & Mac app but you can do pretty much everything with the online tool

Other than it provides a lot of formats to extract online, it also looks after your privacy. Your uploaded files will be deleted in a few minutes after closing the website. B1 online archiver also provides you a link where you can manually delete the files if you want.

Check Out B1 Online Archiver

Unzip File for Free Online Using Funzip

Funzip also is a free file unzipper Online tool. The specialty of this is that it can Unzip large files online (up to 400mb). Funzip is Clean, Simple and Straight forward to the task of unzipping files online. It supports unpacking Zip, Rar, 7z and other formats also.

You can Drag a file to the box or Upload a file from your local disk. Once the file has been uploaded it will automatically unpack the zip file. After that, you can Click an individual file to download.

Although Funzip doesn’t provide you the functionality to delete the uploaded files. The website listed that only the uploader can see or download the online unzipped files. Unlike b1 Online archiver It cannot open password protected RAR files.

Check Out Funzip

Open Zip Files Online/Zip Online with EzyZip

Ezyzip is the simplest and one of my personal favorite tools to Zip & unzip files online. Not Only You can unzip a file online for free but also you can create Zip archives using Ezyzip.

To Zip Online, Upload the files using the “choose files” button. Give it a name and click on “zip Files” Button. Your files will be zipped and ready to download.

To Extract Files Online, Click on Unzip and From the dropdown menu select the archive format that you want to extract online. It supports extracting Zip, Rar, Tar, Tar.gz, Tgz File formats.

Now select the compressed file by clicking on the Choose Files button. Once the file finished uploading click on the “Extract” button and your individual files will be ready to download.

Check Out EzyZip To Extract Files Online is a multi-purpose online tool which provides you the functionality to unzip files online free. It supports extracting files from more than 50 archive formats.

The specialty of this online unzipper tool is that it gives you multiple options to select a file for extracting. You can select a file from local storage, Google Drive, Dropbox or an Url which is great. Just select a File and then the online tool will automatically extract it in a few moments. Once the extracting process is fiished You will be able to download the files.

Check Out


These are the best online tools to extract files for free. You don’t need to install any third-party software to extract files if you use this online unzipper tools. Online tools are very useful and I personally use them for most of my work. If you have a favorite tool to unzip files online that is not listed, feel free to let others know in the comment section.

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