How to Track Email Opens In Gmail

Whenever we send an email, we wonder to know that if the mail was opened or not until there is a reply message sent from the person. You will be glad to hear that there are some ways to track email opens. Nowadays, everybody uses email to contact others for their important business with that person. Fortunately, Email open tracking plugins are secure and one of the recognized ways to track who opens the email.

You can track email opens in Gmail by using email tracker software or google analytics. Google Analytics did a great job to track if the email was opened but it is so complicated to set up and use. Other mail tracker software or plugins have more features and better user-friendly interfaces. In this article, we will be talking about some of the best free email trackers for Gmail.

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What are the most used techniques for email Open tracking in Gmail?

  • MailTrack (Third-Party Software/plugin )
  • Hunter ( Third-party Software/plugin )
  • Google Analytics

Use MailTrack To Track Who Opens Email in Gmail

MailTrack is a simple straightforward tool to track if the email was opened. This tool provides information about how many times the mail was opened as well as what time it was opened. It also has the feature of instant popup notification which will let you know whenever an email is read.

MailTrack Works only with Gmail. This app installs via a browser extension and works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Internet Explorer. Once installed a gray or green checkmark like WhatsApp will appear next to every email in your account. Whenever, an email is read this gray checkmark will turn into a green checkmark. You can also hover over the checkmarks and know about other information.

How to use MailTrack?

  • Go on their website and Install the plugin on your web browser. You can also manually go to the chrome web store page of the plugin and install it from there.
  • Connect with your Gmail account and accept the permissions.
  • Once the installation process is finished, Mailtrack will automatically refresh your email. If not, then restart the browser and hope it will work perfectly.

Use Mailtracker to Track Email opens In Gmail

Mail tracker is another great tool to track email open in Gmail. This tool works only with Gmail. You can install this app via browser plugins and it works with Chrome, Firefox & Internet explorer.

Mail tracker informs you when an email is opened, How many times as well as from which device it has been opened.

Track email opens

How To Use Mailtracker?

  • Click here to visit the Website or get it from the Chrome web store or Firefox Add-ons Page.
  • Click On Install and accept the permissions.
  • Now, the browser plugin will be installed and active automatically in your Gmail. Once it finishes the installation process, it will start to show data for your future emails.

Use Google Analytics as Mail Tracker For Gmail

Email Open Tracking with Google Analytics is a Complicated Process. If You are a Non-Techie Person then I would recommend you not to use Google analytics as an Email open tracker.

To Use Google analytics as an email Tracker for Gmail You need to have a Google Analytics account first. Then you will need to set up the tracking URL and Tracking pixel Image.

After you finished these steps you will need to learn how to use them combinedly to track who opens the email in Gmail.

To learn more about the full process of How to set up google analytics Email Tracking Click Here.

Wrapping Up

Email open tracking is very beneficial for those who sell services online. It can give you detailed information about the person who you are trying to make business with.

Sometimes, It can help you to make the perfect decision to increase your sells. Tools that I have discussed in this article are completely free to use. If I missed any free tools that provide the functionality to track mail opens plz let others know using the comment section below.

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