Top 5 Online Free Article Rewriter Tool In 2019

Article Rewriter Tool also is known as the paraphrasing tool is one of the common examples of technology taking the place of humans. These article rewriting tools can save your time tremendously and produce a good, readable content ate the same time.

Article spinner tools work on the concept of producing a new article completely different from the original one. This software uses internal programming and computation to produce content from an original article by the help of synonyms and other grammatical terms.

There are lots of tools available that can rewrite an article. These tools are mostly software-based and web-application. Some of them have a paid version also. In this article, I will discuss some of the best online article rewriting tools that are completely free and good at article rewriting.

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Top 5 Free Online Article Rewriter Tools:


3.Paraphrase Online


5.Pre-post Seo


Quilbot is the best paraphrasing tool that will rewrite any sentence or article you give it. The article rewriter can reword essays or articles and is the best tool available for article rewriting on the web.

Quilbot is a Web application based free article spinner tool. The website is nice and simple, and it’s drop-down Quil Modes is super useful.

This Tool has a free version and a paid version also. If you want Quilbot to use as a chrome extension or pair it with google Docs & word then you should go for the premium ones. Though The premium version of Quilbot can provide you more flexibility, You can do almost everything you need in a free version.

One thing to worry about the Quilbot paraphrasing tool is that it has a limit of 400 words rewriting at a time on the free version. But the standard of article rewriting capability it has, Using it 2 or 3 times for an 800-1200 word article makes it worthy.

article rewriting tool

2.Small SEO Tools

If you’re searching for a free online article rewriter tool that has premium features enabled then SmallSeoTool’s article spinner is the best option for you.

This a free, automatic article rewriter that may assist you to write any given text into a readable text. However, it doesn’t build perfect sense.

All you only need to do is copy and paste your text into the SmallSEOTool text editor. You can also transfer your file from Dropbox or Google Drive then you’re good to go.

This online paraphrase software system is easy to use. Though it still needs a significant piece of editing like the other free article spinners out there.

3.Paraphrase Online

Paraphrase Online is another article rewriter tool that you can use to rewrite an article. Like other online paraphrasing tools out there, it also generates plagiarism free unique articles.

The using process of this tool is pretty easy. All you need to do is paste the texts in the box & click on the paraphrase symbol in the middle.

This tool is only based on synonyms. It means that articles that are generated by this tool need a lot of improvement. But, You can’t complain its a free tool and you might want to give it a try.


Duplichecker is another site that provides you the facility of article rewriting. It also has an additional grammar checking option which is also free of cost.

All you need to do is paste your content to the site and let the content Rewriter do the rest while you relax and get the output instantly.

There is also another huge factor it has no word limit. It also exceeds the results of the article re-writer, using an advanced Artificial Intelligence.

5.Pre-Post Seo

PrepostSEO article re-writer is developed with advance techniques in order that it will facilitate users in a good approach.

This tool scans through all the words and alters them with their synonym words. To use this article spinner please paste the content within the input box and click on on the rewrite button.

The most encouraging thing about this tool is that it has no word limit. It has two additional options to check grammatical mistakes and plagiarism of the text.

Wrapping Up :

This is the best online free article rewriter tool that I have found while researching. If You are using one that is not listed here, please write something on it in the comment section, so that others can also know about it.

Personally, I do not prefer using a paraphrasing tool cause most of the rewritten article needs a lot of improvement. In most cases, the precise meaning could also be changed.

But it’s a great option for them who wants to save time. You can be done writing & editing an article in almost 50% of the self-writing time.

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