How to Take Screenshots On a PC Using Windows 10 & Mac

A screenshot is a static image taken of your screen whether its a laptop, desktop or android. While taking a screenshot, whatever on your screen fully or partially will be captured dependably on your used method of capturing the screenshot. In this article, I will let you know a few different processes and their features of how to take a ScreenShot on windows 10 & mac.

How Many Ways to take a screenshot on laptop or pc using Windows 10 & Mac?

  • Use the Shortkeys to Capture Screenshots on pc, Laptop or Mac.
  • To use the operating system’s Built-In apps or options to take a screenshot of pc which is for basic using & completely free.
  • Use a Third-party software for Screenshotting on windows 10 or Mac. It may cost some money.
How to take a screenshot on Windows 10 ,M ac

Technique 1 – Using the Shortkeys to take Screenshot on a computer

# Windows 10 Shortkeys To take Screenshot on a Computer

Windows Os itself is a great tool to capture a screenshot. Different combination of Shortkeys is available to take a different type of screenshot.

The Most Used Key for taking a screenshot in Windows 10 is the “Prt Scn” button which commands the operating system to take a screenshot. It can be found between the “F12” & “Delete” button on a windows keyboard.

Ctrl“, “alt“, “fn“, “Shift” & other buttons are responsible for the variation of a screenshot. Let’s jump into the Shortkeys and know the variations they do while taking a screenshot on windows 10.

Ctrl + Prt Scn

Press & Hold The “Ctrl” Button of your keyboard and Then press the button “Prt Scn”. This will save the screenshot in your clipboard. To see the image open any photo editor and press “Ctrl + V”.Now, you can save or edit the photo to your specified folder.

alt + Prt Scn

Click on a window to capture a screenshot. Press the “Prt scn” Key Holding the “Alt” button which will take only the screenshot of the selected window. You will need to open an image editor to save the screenshot.

Windows + Prt Scn

You can take a complete screenshot of the screen by pressing the “Prt Scn” key holding the “Windows” button of your keyboard. Everything on the screen visible will be captured as a screenshot and you don’t have to use any photo editor. The screen will go dim for a moment and Windows will automatically save the image to the specified folder.

Windows + Shift + S

Pressing the three buttons at a time will provide the functionality to take a free-form screenshotting on windows 10. The screen will be overlaid gray and users can select an area to screenshot by clicking the right button of the mouse.

Once you have selected the area, it will be copied to the clipboard. Now, you can open a photo editor, paste the image and save it to your specified folder.

Note: This feature may not be working on the older version of the windows. Windows introduced this option to its users on Windows creators update (build ver. 15063).

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Windows + alt + Prt Scn

Windows + alt + Prt Scn” will provide you the functionality to take a screenshot of a program window. This Shortkeys are added in Windows game bar. Game bar is used to work as a screen grabber of a running game or to record videos.

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#Mac Os Shortkeys To Capture a screenshot On a Mac

Mac Os is always easy to capture a screenshot. The most used key for a screenshot on a Mac is Command and Shift. Control and Number keys decide the variety of the screenshot.

“Command + Shift + 3 “

“Command + Shift + 3” For the full-screen screenshot.The screenshot will be saved as “png” format on your desktop. The file names will be saved as picture 1, Picture 2.

“Command + Control + Shift + 3”

If you press this combination on your mac keyboard, it will save the entire display screenshot On Clipboard. You will need to open it in a photo editor to save the file.

“Command + Shift+4”

To take a screenshot of the portion of the screen, press “Command + Shift + 4”.A cursor will appear and you can click and drag to select the area you wish to capture. Releasing the mouse button will save the photo as png.

Command + Control + Shift + 4

A cursor will appear and you can click & drag to select the area you wish to capture. After releasing the mouse you will be able to paste it to an editor.

Technique 2- To Use Built-in options to take a screenshot

Unlike Windows, Mac OS also has built-in screenshotting options. You can use different key combinations or use other options to take a screenshot on Mac or Windows.

# Built-in screen grabber for windows

Windows Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is available in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. There are 4 options available for taking a screenshot.

You can take screenshots in a Free-From & Rectangular shape. Moreover, It also provides you the functionality for Window screen capture & Fullscreen capture.

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# Mac Os Built-In option for taking Screenshot

Grab Utility Tool

Macintosh operating system does not have built-in software to take a screenshot. But, It has the utility tool Grab located in Finder > Applications > Utilities > Grab which can serve the same purpose as windows snipping tool.

Grab gives you the functionality to capture an entire window, Fullscreen & a portion of your computer screen.

You can save the taken screenshot in TFF or other formats. Moreover, it also gives you an option to save the image to a specified folder.

Technique 3 – Third-Party software to take a screenshot of pc

Windows & Mac Os did cover the basic types of screenshotting using short keys & Built-in software. But, sometimes you may not be happy with the quality of the image or the flexibility that Mac & Windows screenshotting options provide.

Here I will Give You some name of the third-party screenshotting tools that are available out on the web. Some of them are free and some of them may cost you some money.

# Third-party Screen grabber for Windows

# Third-party Screenshotting software for Mac

Last Words: Thank You for reading my article. If it helps you, let me know by using the reaction buttons. If you face any problem to take a screenshot on your pc let me know in the comment section below. I will try to be as responsive as possible.

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