Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue|How to Fix Nvidia Installation Errors

Many of You guys facing Problems while installing Nvidia graphics driver or upgrading it to a newer version. This article will help you to solve Nvidia installer cannot continue error. Actually, we find a way to install NVIDIA graphics driver while having the following problems and this worked for most of the people.

Most Common NVIDIA installation Errors :

1. NVIDIA installer cannot                                   continue.

 2. NVIDIA card is not                                            detected by your system.
 3. NVIDIA cannot find any                                    compatible hardware.


The Method of Fixing Nvidia Installer Cannot Continue 


————-This Method consists of 10 simple steps which you should follow to fix Nvidia installation errors.  They are given step by step down below————–

NVIDIA Installer Cannot Continue FIx –

Step 1– 
Go to your Run box and type devmgmt.msc

Now find display adapters and select the one which has been detected.

Step 2- 

Right-click on it while selecting the detected display adapter and go through properties.
Select details and then under the property tab select hardware ids.

Step 3- 

After that, some id will appear started with PCI/VEN. copy the first id and close the box.

Step 4-
Open Notepad and paste the copied id.

Step 5-

Now open c drive and Go through the following –  C:NVIDIADisplayDriver388.13Win10_64InternationalDisplay.Driver

Step 6-

Find the nvaci folder and cut it to the desktop. Open it and scroll Down until You found something like –

Under that section, You will find some codes started with PCI/VEN. Select that and paste the id you copied to your notepad

Step 7-

Scroll down and find another section and do the same as step 6.

Step 8- 

After completed editing, all the section save it and cut it again to its previous destination which is –

Step 9-

Now close All the tabs and try to install Nvidia again by clicking setup.exe  from here 

 C: NVIDIADisplayDriver388.13Win10_64International.

Step 10-

If it is too hard to understand then we made a video about the whole process see it and do the same as shown.

  Watch This video This will make it Easier


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Limited mode
devmgmt. ms


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