How to Wipe or Remove Partitions In USB or SD |Fix Flash Drive have More than One partition

Everybody uses USB or sd card. There are so many problems in USB that can be solved. One of the most common problems is, USB has more than one partition. Today, we will learn about how to remove partitions in USB which is unwanted.

Remove Partitions In USB

In this article,  we show you the process of removing partitions from a USB Flash drive or SD card.
This process of removing partitions from a  USB disk shown in the article done using Diskpart in Windows 10.
I Used a USB  which Have 2 partition.

Working Process of fixing a corrupted sd which have 2 partition-

1. Open CMD in administrator mood.

2. Type Diskpart and press Enter. This will open the Diskpart app inside CMD.

3. Now carefully Watch and decide which one is your USB Flash Drive or Sd card. If its the Disk One then Type Select Disk 1.

4. After selecting the Disk, Type Clean. This will Wipe All the files and partitions in your USB.

5. The USB or Sd is completely cleaned so we need to create a partition to use it. Type Create partition primary and this will create a partition in USB.

6. Now Type Active to Enable the created partition.

7. Close the CMD and Go to Your drives. Select your USB and FORMAT it by Default.

Now Your USB is ready For storing files. I think this article helps You to remove partitions in USB flash drive or sd card.IF u could not be able to wipe partitions in USB or SD card or the USB fixing process shown in the article does not work properly with You then Comment the problem you are having with your USB. We will try to fix your problem related to USB or an SD.


USB Sandisk

 A Video to make the Steps easier for You 


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