How Browser Cookies can be Harmful to Your Privacy?

What are Cookies?

Browser Cookies are a bit of Text, Code or Id that is transferred and saved to your computer when you visit a website.

Their main purpose is to save an ID for each browser so that it can be used for giving a user-friendly experience. Such as Increasing site Loadup speed, Site Look, Suggesting products and Services that you are interested in.

So Cookies are small files (typically named cookie.txt) created and stored on visitor hard drive (C:\Windows\Cookies, e.g.) by the visiting website’s webserver when contacted by visitor browser.

What cookies do?

The most typical word in the internet world is cookies. Cookies are habitually used by e-commerce stores to record any personal information which is submitted by visitors. Consequently, it helps visitors to the website not to resubmit each personal information, when visitors navigate away and come back.

Cookies allow the website to know who the visitor is. They can improve the visitor’s browsing experience based on previous visits. Certain websites customize site information based on visitor location (city) and Visitors do not have to enter the same information every time you visit the site.

Because websites use cookies to identify visitors and possibly prepare customized webpages or to save site login information for the visitor.

Why websites use cookies?

Cookies can serve up the custom-made content which is geared towards that specific user’s preferences.

Amazon uses the cookies to provide with linked products, Google uses the cookies to better understand user searches, and Facebook the cookies to do just about everything.

Many companies collect data from the cookies to run the marketing campaign. It makes browsing the internet faster & easier.

How browser cookies can be harmful?

User’s information stored in the cookies which may seem harmless apparently. But it can be harmful if it is in the wrong hands.

Hackers can abuse cookies. Especially in case of fake malicious cookies in which hackers steal active cookies and then pretend to be that users. Once it has been done, they are able to perform any action as an administrator-type user and may mishandle stolen information.

Some harmful browser cookies are mentioned here.

  • Most of the browsers keep cookies by default. Consequently, cookies stored invisibly on user local machines when users browse the internet. As a result visitor browsing history and IP address become public knowledge.
  • Generally, cookies are stored on hard drives. Stored cookies increase with the frequency of internet visiting. If it is going on overtime, storage space of mobile devices or computers can be filled up with useless data.
  • The website may sell the collected information from cookies to third parties for mishandling tasks.

Apparently website visitors need to be careful in using the internet so those wrongdoers cannot mislead information for their personal interest.

  • Internet users should clear cookies regularly.
  • For website owners, it is highly recommended for frequent audit checks of code to ensure an intrusion like this doesn’t impact your visitors. 

Wrapping UP :

Despite these benefits in accepting website cookies, data privacy is a crucial issue in the modern-day security panorama. Wrongdoers may mishandle cookies for their personal interest and consequently, the visitor may face difficulty in their life. Hence visitors should be careful in browsing websites and concerned to do a normal removal of cookies from net browsers regular basis.

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