Thousands of Facebook ID Disabled Posting An Image

 There was an issue of facebook id disabled by posting a photo on facebook. The image is used to disable lots of Facebook ID’s & groups. Group owners are making their group archived to save their group from this image threat.

facebook id disabled


Yesterday, One of my friends show me a photo and claims that this photo has the capability to disable any facebook account or Group. Anybody can post this photo as a comment and get the post creator’s facebook ID disabled instantly.


facebook id disabled posting an image

Recent Image Threat 

This Image Owns a pair of side-effect at the same time.
One who is Posting the Image himself and other Where he is posting the image.
This Photo Affecting groups so much that’s why group admins are making their groups achieved to save groups from disabling.

facebook group archived
Groups Archived

You will be surprised to know that this image threat is not a new one. There was another incident in 2016 where an image also had the ability to get facebook ID disabled.

Whoever was responsible  Used another Image that time.

facebook id disabled | encrypted image
Image Used In 2016
How Did THEY do IT? 
An image is a visual representation of something. Lots of pixels Together Form an image. This image has only 20 pixels on each side.

image crypting

Whoever responsible for this they put some codes in a single pixel of an image which makes codes non-visible and at the same time Interactive with Facebook. This is Related to Image cryptography.

image cryptography
Image Cryptography

[  Tip-If you don’t want to get your Facebook ID disabled, be sure not to share any image from an unknown source ]

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