Face Swap in 2019 | Best 5 Face Changer app available for IOS & Android

Face Swap is now trending on every Social Media like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. In fact, you already saw your friends posting these photos on social media. It is high time, you also participate in the Face Swap challenge. There are lots of face changer app available on Google play store & IOS iTunes. Most of the cases Outcome ends in hilarious photos after editing. But if you find the best app for face swapping then the outcome will extremely realistic. It’s my duty to find you the perfect Face swap app. In that case, We made a list of 5 best face changer app available on both Android and IOS.

A list of Best 5 Face Swap/Face Changer app In 2019

1.Face App

Face app is the ultimate AI photo editor which comes first in our list. It is now trending on Google Play store & Apple Itunes With an active installation of 150 million.

The photo editing process is server-based. The specialty of the Face app is its AI technology which detects the face and edits them using Neural Face Transformation. While editing a face the outcome of using AI technology will blow your mind completely.

There are lots of things you can do with Face app. You can make your face look older or younger, you can add a beard, can change your ethnicity & many more features are available.

You can Swap genders of your face Also. Face app will add male or female features to your face in the photo. You have to do almost nothing because of, face app has filters and the server will do the most of the work to edit your photo. Just select a photo from the gallery or take one using your camera and apply the Filter.

Install Now: Android (Free), IOS (Free)

2.Face Swap Live

If you are looking specifically for face swapping then this might be the choice for you. Including many features, it is focused on mostly face-swapping. It comes second in our list of the best 5 face changer app.

The specialty of this app is, it is not bound to static images like other face changer applications. Face Swap Live is the app which lets you swipe faces in real-time with your friends.

You and your friend need to fit on the camera frame and the app will show the faces interchanged with one another in real-time. Moreover, you can take pictures or record videos while face swapped & make use of lots of available filters to enhance your selfies.

Install Now: Android (Free), IOS (Free), IOS (Paid)

3.Face Swap Booth-Face Changer

This App Lets You add faces manually in any photos with a feature of auto face detection. You can store previously used faces in your phone and use it anytime on different faces. It comes with lots of pre-loaded celebrity faces which You can use anytime.

The specialty of the Face Swap Booth app is, it has a very lightweight interface & It does only single purpose which is swapping faces. However, it provides some editor tools which helps to blend the faces more perfectly & give a realistic look. Moreover, the latest update added a feature named Mix & Match to make new people and some Facial overlay Masks.

Install Now: Android (Free With In-App Purchase), IOS (Free With In-App Purchase)


MixBooth Is the app Which combines two faces into one and gives you a new look. You can select your face and other peoples face which you want to mix up with. After that, the app will mix up two faces and give you a combined result. However, this app is having a lack of features, unlike other face changer apps. It has a specific user who loves the simplicity of the app.

Install Now: Android (Free), IOS (Free)


Snapchat app Contains lots of features & most widely used app that allows users to swap their faces. However, It allows you to swap your faces but you need to do a little search because of its tons of features.

Moreover, You can send messages, Add friends, Join Groups and obviously, you can instantly share your pictures with your friends. Snapchat is the most versatile and enriched with its interesting features.

Install Now: Android (Free), IOS (Free)

Technology is developing day by day. App developers are giving their best to make the full use of it. Additionally, Not All the face changer apps above may not be as good as your expectation but this is the best available out there in 2019. Try them, join the Face Swap challenge and let me know which one you liked most.

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