Face App The Ultimate AI Photo Editor|Introducing Face app Age Filter & More

What is Face app-

Face app is an AI-based photo editor app. Your photo could travel & switch through time, ethnicity, gender, hair color and many more. You can select a photo from the gallery or take a picture and edit them by tapping on lots of available filters.

This app is developed by Russian Company Wireless Lab. It is available on both the Android Play Store and App Store Itunes. It was first launched in 2017 but after 2 years in 2019, it is getting a massive attraction. This app is now having 80 Million users which are incredible.

Though it is having various filters, the most popular one is the Face app age filter. This age filter is having a very impressive facial recognition technology and Neural face Transformations which process images of faces and then produce realistic, older or younger versions of the faces. The Edited images are so realistic that celebrities also posting their photos of what they will look like in the ’50s or ’60s on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. People are naming it as “Face app Challenge”.

Types of Neural Face Transformation Face app Filters can do —

  • Old or Young -These filters Will make Your Face older or Younger.
  • Smile & Smile 2 – This filters Will make Your face Smile.
  • Male or Female– This filters will give Male & Female Features in the Face of the Photo.

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Face app User Guide –

  • launch Face app
  • You will see a face-shaped overlay on your screen (This will be gone when face app detects a face ). Tap the shutter button after the app detects a face.
  • If you want to edit photos from your gallery then Put Your Finger on the photos and swipe upward that will bring the gallery. Now it will take some time to find which photos have a face and suitable for the editing process.
  • Now select a photo from the gallery and choose your filter. Apply when you are done and the app will immediately start the transforming.
  • Tap the save button to save in your gallery or share button share on social media.

Faceapp Will upload your photo ( The one you want to edit ) to their server which is AI-based to Generate the Best Outcome. This app is completely Free to use. They will not charge you anything but some adds. If you don’t like ads then you can also buy Faceapp pro which is gonna cost some money. Also in the pro version, they will provide extra care for server editing of your photos to make it extremely realistic.

There were some security issues have been raising about the app related to privacy but none of them are proved. we will get the update to you if anything happens like that.

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