Best Chrome Extensions To Block Websites In Chrome

Google chrome keeps it very easy and simple to block certain websites. There are some great chrome extensions available that make it possible to block websites in chrome.

Imagine, you are working on a computer very attentively. Suddenly, a notification popped-up from a certain website like facebook, twitter or youtube. These are the distractions that can reduce your productivity while working. You can get rid of those distractive websites by using chrome extensions for blocking websites.

Another reason for blocking websites in chrome could be that you want some control over the search results for your kids. Basically, there are plenty of reasons that someone would want to block websites from chrome.

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In this article, I will introduce you to some of the best site blockers in google chrome. I am pretty sure that after reading this article you will easily be able to block a site from chrome like me.

1.uBlacklist To Block websites In Chrome

UBlacklist is the most useful extension that brings you the functionality for blocking web pages in chrome. It has multiple features and a user-friendly interface.

This chrome extension blocks specific websites from appearing in google search results. There are a few ways you can use this extension to block web pages.

Using this extension, You can simply block a website in google chrome from the search results page. After installing the extension, whenever you search something on google the search results will include an option “Block this Site ” next to every page of your search result. If you want chrome to block a website you can simply click on the “block this site” option. This will make a list of your blacklisted sites and from the next search, you will not see the blacklisted sites on search results.

You can also add or remove sites to your blocklist manually. For this right-click on the Extension icon of your browser and then click on options. Ublacklist also makes it possible to sync your list to google drive, So that you could use your list to other devices.

Download the UBlacklist Chrome Extension (Click Here).

2.Block Site – Website Blocker for Chrome™

block websites in chrome

Block site is a simple-to-use extension that works great as a site blocker chrome extension. Though it has no option to block sites directly from the search results like Ublacklist, it works great and full of other features also.

Once you installed the Block site chrome extension, a new icon will appear on the top right corner of your browser. The icon will be looking like an orange shield with a diagonal line in the middle.

Go to the website you want to block from then on, click on the orange shield icon and click on the “Block this site” button. This will block the site from appearing in your search results from then.

You can also manually add or remove a site from the list. Just click the Icon and then click on “Edit Block Sites List”.Enter a website address on the blank space and click on the plus button. You have successfully added the site to your chrome blocklist.

Every website you blocked will have a minus button alongside it. Click on the minus button alongside the website you want to remove from the blocklist. Now you have successfully unblocked the website from chrome blacklist.

This extension will also provide you google drive sync option. You can sync your blocked sites to use it on other devices.

Download the extension Block Site – Website Blocker for Chrome™. (Click Here)

More mention of extensions that also work well – StayFocused, Website Blocker (beta).

Wrapping Up

These are the best extension to block websites in chrome that I have found while researching. If I missed some of them or you are using one that works great for you let others know in the comment section below.

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