Enable Third-party Cookies In Chrome

What Are Chrome Browser Cookies?

Browser Cookies are a bit of Text, Code or Id that is transferred and saved to your computer when you visit a website.

Their main purpose is to save an ID for each browser so that it can be used for giving a user-friendly experience. Such as Increasing site Loadup speed, Site Look, Suggesting products and Services that you are interested in.

Cookies Can Be Dangerous at bad hands. To know About Good and Bad uses of Browser Cookies Read article – How browser cookies can be harmful to your privacy?

You can find the cookie settings of your browser on The preferences Tab.

Where to Find Chrome Preferences?

You can find the preferences for Chrome in the settings tab. On a Mac, you just go to the top in the menu bar and under Chrome (the first tab) it is the second tab down. It is under about Google Chrome.

On a Windows, Go through chrome://settings/content/cookies.


Go through, Settings>Advanced Settings>Site Setting

How To Enable Third-party cookies in Google Chrome?

1.Open Chrome.

2.Open Settings. Click on the Vertical Dots, A New Window Will Open, Select Settings.

3. Scroll all the way down, You will find the Advance option. Click on it.

4. Click On Site Settings and then Cookies & Site Data.

Site Settings
Cookies and Site Data

5. Check the First bullet options. Leave Middle option and Last Option as it is, or u can check if you want to clear your cookies every time you close chrome.

6. Click on the add button straight to the Allow option. Add a Website name to allow it’s cookies. Ex, [*.]empiricdestiny.com.

To Block Cookies, add the website name in the Add button Straight to Block Option.

Precaution: Some Third-Party Cookies Can be related to harmful things.

If You Want to Know More about how Cookies can be dangerous read article -…………………………….

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