How to Enable Dark Mode for Whatsapp Web?

Nowadays, the Dark mode option is getting a huge response for Mobile applications as well as their web versions also. You can say it’s becoming mandatory for apps like Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp.In this article, we will be discussing on how to enable dark mode for WhatsApp web.

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Still, there are no direct options or buttons available that can switch between dark or light mode. Though the WhatsApp app doesn’t have any option to enable dark mode, the web version has a technique to enable dark mode on WhatsApp Web.

The developers are working on bringing dark mode for both Whatsapp app & WhatsApp Web. In the meantime, you can give yourself a little bit of a test of Whatsapp Web dark mode.

Precautions: Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox should be updated to the latest version before starting the procedure.

To Enable Whatsapp Web dark Mode On Google Chrome :

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Stylus. Or, You can directly go to the extension installation page by clicking here.
  • Once you finish installing the extension, an S written icon will appear on the top right corner.
  • Now, Visit the WhatsApp Web page and click on the icon of the installed extension.
  • Click on Find Styles.
whatsapp web dark mode
  • One or more WhatsApp web dark theme will appear.
  • Click on any of them, That will apply a dark theme for WhatsApp Web.

Note: If you are a lazy person like me you can simply Click here to get the theme styles. Now, click on Install style that will enable the dark theme for WhatsApp Web.

To check out more WhatsApp web dark themes go to the search bar on the top. Select Website from the dropdown menu and Type in Whatsapp Web in the search bar and hit enter. A lot of dark themes for the WhatsApp web will appear in the search result. Try them one by one to get the perfect one for you.

To enable Dark Mode for WhatsApp web on Mozilla Firefox :

The procedure of enabling a dark theme for WhatsApp web is pretty much the same on Mozilla Firefox as Google chrome. The steps are given below :

  • Click on the installed icon and click on find new styles.
  • Select a style to add a dark theme for Whatsapp web.


  • After installing the add-On Click here to get the theme style.
  • Click on Install styles to activate the dark theme for WhatsApp web.
  • You can also search for the styles . The searching procedure is the same as described (check Notes ) for google chrome.

Wrapping Up:

Using a dark theme for the WhatsApp web can keep you comfortable while chatting with someone important. A study has shown that dark mode can reduce the eye strain caused by the blue light from your computer screen.

If you are using Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox it is good news for you that you can have a test of the night mode for WhatsApp web. Right Now, Dark mode for Whatsapp webs is only available on these two browsers. I hope after reading the article you will be able to enable dark mode for WhatsApp Web easily.

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