How To Download Youtube Videos Using SS text in Url

Youtube is the most used video watching platform nowadays. Sometimes you may want to download videos from youtube for different purposes. In this article, I am going to share the SS Youtube Video Download trick which will help you to Download YouTube Videos Using SS text in the link of any youtube video.

Before starting to talk about the procedure of ss youtube video download I want to say something about ssyoutube.If you want to skip you can jump onto the Procedure section.

What Is YouTubeSS?

Basically, ss is a prefix which makes SSYoutube is a link redirector For youtube videos to download.

Moreover, you can put the text “SS” in any link that contains a video whether its Youtube or Any other platform. It will redirect you to the website where you can download the video in different formats.

For Using SS youtube You don’t need any software to install.SSyoutube is completely free to use. You can download videos from youtube or any other sites using the SS download trick.

How to Download Videos From SS Youtube?

Step 1-

You need to select a video for downloading. Play the Video to get the link to the video. After you have the link on the URL section of your browser, Pause the Video.

Step 2-

Now edit the video URL and add “ss” Before the as shown in the image. The video Url will be looking like id. If You Have done this right press enter.

This will redirect you to the website where you will have options to select the video formats to download. This website is the mother website of known as Save From Net.

Step 3-

Save From Net will provide you the functionality to choose different options regarding the youtube video. You will find a dropdown menu where you will be able to select your preferred video format. If you want only the audio of the youtube video there is an option Hd/mp3 right next to the dropdown menu.

Youtube ss

Step 4-

Click on the green Download button when you are finished with your selection of video formats and you will find the video/audio in your download folders.

Note: You will not be able to download 4k and restricted videos by using ssyoutube.I wrote another article about 7 sites that provide features of downloading Youtube videos using URL. You will find some sites that will provide the functionality to download youtube videos in 4k in that Article.

ss youtube

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