How to Track Email Opens In Gmail

Whenever we send an email, we wonder to know that if the mail was opened or not until there is a reply message sent from the person. You will be glad to hear that there are some ways to track email opens. Nowadays, everybody uses email to contact others for their important business with that person. Fortunately, Email open tracking plugins are secure and one of the recognized ways to track who opens the email.

You can track email opens in Gmail by using email tracker software or google analytics. Google Analytics did a great job to track if the email was opened but it is so complicated to set up and use. Other mail tracker software or plugins have more features and better user-friendly interfaces. In this article, we will be talking about some of the best free email trackers for Gmail.

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What are the most used techniques for email Open tracking in Gmail?

  • MailTrack (Third-Party Software/plugin )
  • Hunter ( Third-party Software/plugin )
  • Google Analytics

Use MailTrack To Track Who Opens Email in Gmail

MailTrack is a simple straightforward tool to track if the email was opened. This tool provides information about how many times the mail was opened as well as what time it was opened. It also has the feature of instant popup notification which will let you know whenever an email is read.

MailTrack Works only with Gmail. This app installs via a browser extension and works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Internet Explorer. Once installed a gray or green checkmark like WhatsApp will appear next to every email in your account. Whenever, an email is read this gray checkmark will turn into a green checkmark. You can also hover over the checkmarks and know about other information.

How to use MailTrack?

  • Go on their website and Install the plugin on your web browser. You can also manually go to the chrome web store page of the plugin and install it from there.
  • Connect with your Gmail account and accept the permissions.
  • Once the installation process is finished, Mailtrack will automatically refresh your email. If not, then restart the browser and hope it will work perfectly.

Use Mailtracker to Track Email opens In Gmail

Mail tracker is another great tool to track email open in Gmail. This tool works only with Gmail. You can install this app via browser plugins and it works with Chrome, Firefox & Internet explorer.

Mail tracker informs you when an email is opened, How many times as well as from which device it has been opened.

Track email opens

How To Use Mailtracker?

  • Click here to visit the Website or get it from the Chrome web store or Firefox Add-ons Page.
  • Click On Install and accept the permissions.
  • Now, the browser plugin will be installed and active automatically in your Gmail. Once it finishes the installation process, it will start to show data for your future emails.

Use Google Analytics as Mail Tracker For Gmail

Email Open Tracking with Google Analytics is a Complicated Process. If You are a Non-Techie Person then I would recommend you not to use Google analytics as an Email open tracker.

To Use Google analytics as an email Tracker for Gmail You need to have a Google Analytics account first. Then you will need to set up the tracking URL and Tracking pixel Image.

After you finished these steps you will need to learn how to use them combinedly to track who opens the email in Gmail.

To learn more about the full process of How to set up google analytics Email Tracking Click Here.

Wrapping Up

Email open tracking is very beneficial for those who sell services online. It can give you detailed information about the person who you are trying to make business with.

Sometimes, It can help you to make the perfect decision to increase your sells. Tools that I have discussed in this article are completely free to use. If I missed any free tools that provide the functionality to track mail opens plz let others know using the comment section below.

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How to Zip and Unzip Files Using Windows 10

You may have listened to the term “Zip” many times before. “Zip” is One of the oldest & most widely used file formats which permits you to compress & decompress files. Zipping a file will also allow saving drive space and make it possible to transfer the file comparatively in a short time over the web. In this article, I will discuss how to use the built-in options provided by windows 10 to zip & unzip a file for free.

Nowadays, A lot of third party apps are capable of zip compression & decompression. But you don’t need to install any of the third-party apps if you are using windows 10.

Windows 10 supports Zip natively & have built-in options to zip & unzip files. Because of windows support Zip natively, You can unzip the zip file by only double-clicking on the zip file.

Techniques of Zipping A File

#Method 1 – How to Zip Files in Windows 10?

Windows 10 itself is a great tool for zipping files. Windows 10 zip program is a built-in program for windows. Here is how to zip files in windows.

1.Open the “File Explorer” and navigate to the files you want to compress.

2. Right-click on an empty space, Select new from the dropdown menu and click on Compressed (zipped) folder. This will create an empty zip folder.

How to zip a file

3. Select the files you want to compress. Copy or Cut them by right-clicking on one of the selected files.

4. Now open the created zip folder and paste the files there that are copied to your clipboard .

#Method 2 – How to Compress Files in Windows 10?

1.Navigate to the location of the files you want to compress.

2. Select the files & folders and right-click on one of the selected files.

3. In the dropdown menu select “Send to” and click on “Compressed (zipped) Folder”.

Zip & unzip Files windows 10

4. Type a name for the created zip folder and hit enter to save it.

5. A zip file will appear with a zipper icon on it.

Techniques of Unzipping a file

Windows 10 zip program supports zip natively which means that you can directly access to a zipped folder by double-clicking on it.

But, You should extract the zip folder before using the files on it. If you don’t unpack the zip files then you can’t make changes to the files.

Here are the two methods available on how to unzip the zip file on windows.

Method 1 – To use file explorer to Unzip a file on windows 10?

File Explorer can work as a zip file opener in windows 10. Because of the “Zip” File format is native on windows, File explorer can be a great tool for opening zip files in windows.

1.Double click the zip folder you want to unzip. This will open the individual files that were zipped inside.

2. Select all the files or the one you want to use. Drag the selected files to other location such as the desktop or a folder. You can also cut or copy the files to another location.

3. Now the files are unzipped. You can delete the zip folder now if there is nothing inside the folder.

Method 2 – To use Windows Zip File Extractor to Extract / Open a Zip file?

Windows 10 Zip Wizard often called as Zip file extractor. It is a one-click zip extractor tool for windows.

1.Select the Zip folder and right-click on it.

2. Click on Extract all. The Zip icon will disappear and the files will be unzipped.

3. To unzip the Zip files to a different folder Click on browse and select your desired folder. Now, click on Extract and the files will be extracted to the indicated folder.

Wrapping Up: Windows 10 covered most of the Zipping & unzipping Process By windows Zip Program. I have tried to explain the working process of How to zip & unzip a file using windows 10 as easily as I could. If you face any problem while working feel free to comment below. I will try to be as responsible as possible.

Top 7 Sites To Free Download video From Youtube Online

In this modern era, everybody uses YouTube to watch videos. Sometimes, also wish to save videos from YouTube but installing software to do so isn’t worthy. Another fact is that most of the youtube video downloading software is not free. In this article, we will give you a list of sites where you will be able to free download videos from youtube online.

#List Of Sites To Free Download Youtube Video Online

There are lots of sites available on the web which will provide you the feature of Online Download For Youtube. But, The truth is that most of the YouTube To Video Online Downloader does not work great as you would expect. They have a lack of features of downloading speed, video formats and even in the download starting time.

It is my duty to find you the best sites available along with many features of online download for youtube.

While researching I found 7 sites that have fulfilled the minimum requirements to take place on the list. The list is given below —

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Youtube2Video is an online video downloading platform that provides the ability to download From Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest & other various platforms.

This Website also gives you an option to convert Youtube Video to MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI & many other formats.

Users also provided by an option to choose from 144p,244p,480p,720p or 1080p.


The Speciality of the website is that they provide 2k & 4k Online Download features .while Lots of other websites charge for downloading 2k & 4k videos, Clipconverter gives you that for free.

Besides that, they also provide an option to select from Mp3, M4A & AAC.

Users can also be able to select between 360p to 4k (360P,480P,720P,1080P,2K&4K ).

Providing 2k & 4k Features for free makes one of the best sites to free download video from Youtube Online.

clipconverter online youtube video downloader


Y2mate provides features of 3 downloading options which are Video, Mp3 & Audio. You can select from the options provided and choose your preferred format of the video to online download from youtube.

Moreover,Users can choose video formats from 144p 3gp, 144p mp4, 360p,480p,720p or 1080p .

However, This website does not provide an option to download a 2k or 4k video. allows you to download Youtube Videos online and also convert online any YouTube video to MP3 (audio) or to MP4 format (video). Though they do not provide an option to select between various formats.

Before downloading Videos you can edit the filename, select the part you want to cut scenes from the video or change the video quality by clicking on the “Settings” button. The specialty is that you will be able to cut your favorite scenes from a youtube video and save it to your collection. is free & fast. Converting YouTube videos to MP3 and YouTube videos to MP4 will take only a few seconds.

Save the is a free online video downloading site that allows users to online download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest & many other sites.

You Have to copy the link of a page you want to download videos from. Within a couple of seconds, will provide you the list of the videos that the page is containing.

After selecting a video You will be able to cut the video if you don’t want the full video to download.

You can select video formats from mp4, Flv, Avi, WebM, Ogg or Mkv.

Unlike many other sites that provide an online download for youtube also has options of Mp4, Mp3 & Audio.

This Online Youtube video Downloader site supports mp4,480p,720p & Hd-1080p to download .

Though they do not have any cut features available on their site. In the near future, they are planning to add an option to cut scenes from a video and 4k downloading.

SSyoutube is one of the alternatives of can download from youtube Online or any video platform or a webpage that contains video.

The site provides a 720p format for downloading a video. Also, you can download 4k & 1080p videos without sound.

Other formats are also available there such as 4k, 1080p but they need to be paid subscribers to the website.

free download video from youtube online ssyoutube

A Comparison of the Website Features for Free version

Site name480p720p1080p2k4kCutspeed
Youtube2video.comYes Yes YesNoNo No Fast
Y2mate.comYes Yes Yes No No No Fast
Converto.ioYes Yes Yes No No No Fast
Savethevideo.comYes YesYesNoNo YesFast
Youtubemp4.bizYes YesNo No No No Fast
ssyoutube.comYes Yes No No No No Fast
Clipconverter.ccYes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Fast

How To Online Download Video From Youtube Using WebSites?

#Step 1

Copy the Url of the YouTube Video which You want to download.

#Step 2

Open any of the links from the list above & you will see a box for submitting Url in every site for Youtube Download Videos Online. Paste the copied Url In the Box and Press the Button beside/below the box.

#Step 3

After pressing the button there will be lots of options available for selection. Select your preferred Video Format & Bitrate and Start Downloading.

Last Words:

These are the best online youtube video downloader sites available on the web. I hope it helps you out while you find a way to download videos from youtube for free online. Though I covered most of them, If I miss sites that I should add then comment below. I will definitely look for it and will try to improve my list.

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Easiest Way To Do WhatsApp Website Integration [Fully Illustrated Guide]

What is Whatsapp Website Integration?

Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging app. However, They have windows & mac versions too. Lots of companies, websites are thinking to Integrate WhatsApp in their websites to convert their visitors into customers. WhatsApp website Integration can make Your Website more valuable to your users.

Whatsapp Website Integration Is a process by which you can integrate WhatsApp with your website and provide your visitors an option to contact you via a call to action WhatsApp live chat button.

Integrating WhatsApp for your websites means that, You are providing your user’s instant communication support which will make a huge impact on user experience. Moreover, it will make your site or business more trustworthy & Useful.

What level Of Whatsapp Website Integration Do You need?

The answer to this question includes different possibilities. If you have a business account linked to a number on which you want to address your customers’ requests. Then you can use the APIs provided by WhatsApp Business. After that, you can set up a call to action to your WhatsApp chat.

For example, you can put a widget on your website with a click-to-chat button.

If instead, your intention is to have a tool that allows you, in addition to integrating WhatsApp, to automatically manage customers, then you have to try an unofficial integration tool. It means a solution that allows you to completely manage your communication activities through WhatsApp API.

For example, you can build an autoreply chatbot or chat with customers from all over the world, supported by real-time translate chat.

How To Integrate WhatsApp for Websites?

Method #1- Using Javascript Code

You can use a Javascript code of Whatsapp API that will allow integrating WhatsApp in your website. This code will make appear WhatsApp live chat button on the right bottom corner of your Website.

Whenever someone clicks to the button, this will redirect the user to WhatsApp web login page and he can easily log in to his WhatsApp account and chat with the admin.

This is 100% Free And You do not need any tool, Widget to integrate WhatsApp to your website.

#Step 1

First, You Need to collect the javascript code which you will have to implement in your site. For This I recommend you to go to This Link [Click Here]. This is a third party Company which provides the functionality to integrate WhatsApp with your website.

Whatsapp website integration free

#Step 2

Scroll Down and you will find several options are mentioned before you get the code.

The first Option is You have To choose Your Messaging app. Select WhatsApp, Then a form will appear asking for your WhatsApp mobile number along with your country code.

The second step is to customize your call to action button. However, This section is mostly for premium users but you can also do pretty much basic things to do with your customization.

You can change the position of your call to action button as left or right and the text of the button.

Next Step is in the 3rd Section on the website. Jump There and you will get a form asking for your email button. Give your email address and click on the get button code.

After that, you will be provided with the javascript code you need to implement on your website. Copy the code and save it somewhere you can make use of it later.

#Step 3

Login To Your WordPress Dashboard. Look for a new plugin named “Insert Headers & Footers“.This a Free plugin which helps you to integrate any javascript Codes without touching any codes of your websites. Install & activate the plugin.

Jump to the Setting tab and you will see a new option has appeared Insert headers & Footers. Click On that and you will see two boxes has appeared. One is for Header and another is for the footer.

As per direction from the code generator website, it asked to paste the javascript code before the body tag.

So, here you will have to paste the code in the section “Scripts In Footer “.Paste The Code and save it.

That’s All we had to do to perform WhatsApp Website Integration & WhatsApp chat button to display in our website.

Watch The Video below If you find it Difficult

Whatsapp Integration to Website

Method #2 – Using Chat Widget

Using the Chat widget to integrate WhatsApp with a website is very popular among the website owners.

Chat widgets will provide you the opportunity to chat with your customers, to look through their location, browsing page, what browser are they using and many more.

However, most of the chat widget provides you the basic uses for free. Moreover, their paid plans will provide you more flexibility with chat widgets.

Though lots of Chat widgets are available out there, only a few of them works great. I will be guiding you through one of them which is Tidio Live chat Widget. You can Also Try Callbel, Whatshelp if You want.

#Step 1

First Install a new plugin to your WordPress dashboard named “Tidio Live Chat“.For Using Tidio Live Chat Widget You need To Go through this link [Click Here]. Give The Information It ask and click on create a free account.

#Step 2

A New Page Will Appear asking more information. Fill all the form with valid information and click on continue.

Now several pages will come through the process asking about your welcome message, how you will interact with your audience. Select or change them as you like until you find something to add in your website.

#Step 3

Copy the Code Provided and paste it by using the process written in (Method 1, Step 3). Now you are all set To go. Check Your website and you will see the Live chat button have been implemented on your site.

For Other Customization & Automation, Watch the Video Below

Tidio Live Chat

What Are the Purposes of Integrating Whatsapp to Website?

  1. Whatsapp is the most widely used Messaging app with over 1.3 billion active users per month. So It is an app which can help to get a global audience.
  2. When people found a live chat support system on your website there is a boost up happens of users experience and people are going to belive more in Your Website.
  3. You can help people finding the best product suitable for them by which you can convert your visitors into customers.
  4. Whatsapp Helps to make your Website Most useful to its users.

Conclusion –

Whatsapp Integration to website By using Whatsapp API is the most Useful, & easiest way to Integrate WhatsApp in your website. On the other hand, Using a Live chat Widget for Whatsapp Website Integration will help you to get more information about users which will be very effective if you are running a Web store. It’s all about your job to find out which option will help you the most.

If you find any difficulties Following those methods make a comment below so that I can guide you through. You know someone who is having difficulties with Whatsapp integration share this article with them.

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Face Swap in 2019 | Best 5 Face Changer app available for IOS & Android

Face Swap is now trending on every Social Media like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. In fact, you already saw your friends posting these photos on social media. It is high time, you also participate in the Face Swap challenge. There are lots of face changer app available on Google play store & IOS iTunes. Most of the cases Outcome ends in hilarious photos after editing. But if you find the best app for face swapping then the outcome will extremely realistic. It’s my duty to find you the perfect Face swap app. In that case, We made a list of 5 best face changer app available on both Android and IOS.

A list of Best 5 Face Swap/Face Changer app In 2019

1.Face App

Face app is the ultimate AI photo editor which comes first in our list. It is now trending on Google Play store & Apple Itunes With an active installation of 150 million.

The photo editing process is server-based. The specialty of the Face app is its AI technology which detects the face and edits them using Neural Face Transformation. While editing a face the outcome of using AI technology will blow your mind completely.

There are lots of things you can do with Face app. You can make your face look older or younger, you can add a beard, can change your ethnicity & many more features are available.

You can Swap genders of your face Also. Face app will add male or female features to your face in the photo. You have to do almost nothing because of, face app has filters and the server will do the most of the work to edit your photo. Just select a photo from the gallery or take one using your camera and apply the Filter.

Install Now: Android (Free), IOS (Free)

2.Face Swap Live

If you are looking specifically for face swapping then this might be the choice for you. Including many features, it is focused on mostly face-swapping. It comes second in our list of the best 5 face changer app.

The specialty of this app is, it is not bound to static images like other face changer applications. Face Swap Live is the app which lets you swipe faces in real-time with your friends.

You and your friend need to fit on the camera frame and the app will show the faces interchanged with one another in real-time. Moreover, you can take pictures or record videos while face swapped & make use of lots of available filters to enhance your selfies.

Install Now: Android (Free), IOS (Free), IOS (Paid)

3.Face Swap Booth-Face Changer

This App Lets You add faces manually in any photos with a feature of auto face detection. You can store previously used faces in your phone and use it anytime on different faces. It comes with lots of pre-loaded celebrity faces which You can use anytime.

The specialty of the Face Swap Booth app is, it has a very lightweight interface & It does only single purpose which is swapping faces. However, it provides some editor tools which helps to blend the faces more perfectly & give a realistic look. Moreover, the latest update added a feature named Mix & Match to make new people and some Facial overlay Masks.

Install Now: Android (Free With In-App Purchase), IOS (Free With In-App Purchase)


MixBooth Is the app Which combines two faces into one and gives you a new look. You can select your face and other peoples face which you want to mix up with. After that, the app will mix up two faces and give you a combined result. However, this app is having a lack of features, unlike other face changer apps. It has a specific user who loves the simplicity of the app.

Install Now: Android (Free), IOS (Free)


Snapchat app Contains lots of features & most widely used app that allows users to swap their faces. However, It allows you to swap your faces but you need to do a little search because of its tons of features.

Moreover, You can send messages, Add friends, Join Groups and obviously, you can instantly share your pictures with your friends. Snapchat is the most versatile and enriched with its interesting features.

Install Now: Android (Free), IOS (Free)

Technology is developing day by day. App developers are giving their best to make the full use of it. Additionally, Not All the face changer apps above may not be as good as your expectation but this is the best available out there in 2019. Try them, join the Face Swap challenge and let me know which one you liked most.

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