Best Apps For Bloggers on Android & IOS | Essential Blogger Apps in 2019

Maintaining a blog isn’t easy. But there are some Blogging apps available which can make the job easy for you. We have been researching which blogger app has the most useful & worthy features for blogging. After researching we found 10 Best Apps For Bloggers which you should install today. These Blogger Apps are listed below with their useful features.

Everyday Thousands of apps are launching on play store. Most Of Them is Not useful At all for blogging. It’s my Duty to find The Best Of the Blogging Apps available.

We made a fresh list of the Best Apps For Bloggers. They are also recommended by some of the best Bloggers. Maintenance & checking will be easy if you have these Blogger Apps installed on your phone.

Which are the best blogger apps?

List of the Best Apps For Bloggers On Android & IOS

  • WordPress — Website & Blog Builder
  • Blogger — Website & Blog Builder
  • Google Analytics — Shows The Traffic Metrics
  • Google Adsense — Shows The Earning Metrics
  • Grammarly — Helps To Write with Confidence
  • Social Pilot — One Click Social Share
  • Evernote — Note Taker
  • Adobe Photoshop — Edit Photos
  • Feedly — RSS Feed Reader
  • Pingdom — Monitor Site

These are The Must-Have blogger Apps in 2019. We Found Some other apps too which is also useful. But the list was for only 10 apps so we list them as a bonus in the bottom section of this article.


WordPress is the most useful option to build a website from zero. It is the fastest-growing web publication software. You can create a website & customize it with your preferred theme easily. You can also write content and publish them from WordPress.Able to Monitor traffic & Replying to comments easily is one of the features that WordPress provide.

Most of the famous websites are using WordPress. Expert Bloggers also Mentioned it to use over Googles Blogger platform Blogspot. Blogspot Has free Hosting but Lack of Customization.

On the other hand, WordPress comes with a lot of plugins to save your time and customize your site to give it a better look.

Currently, WordPress has over 54 Thousand plugins available to use which give the users a great experience maintaining their websites.

Right Now, WordPress is the biggest platform for bloggers. Though WordPress supports 160 languages 65 is completely finished.

According to a survey report by Netcraft, “Total active website number on the web is 175 million, where 75 million websites are using WordPress.”

WordPress Gets 200+ million page views per month, has over 200+ million downloads & WordPress app has more than 5 million downloads. WordPress Now powered 30% of the web which is Huge and incredible.

Pros & Cons: ”A Huge collection Of Plugins, Themes & a user-friendly interface.”

Install Now: Android, IOS


Blogger is the second most website holder right now. It is an app released by Google to give the mobile users an opportunity to maintain their Blog stored in Blogspot.

Like WordPress, Blogger app Provides almost all basic features like creating a blog, Posting Contents, save it as a draft for further editing, Monitoring Blog traffic, Replying to Comments & More.

Blogger app for Blogspot Provides You a free Hosting. You Can start Blogging absolutely from scratch. There is no need to buy Hosting & Domain.

As soon as you go with blogger app, Google hosts Your site for free and also gives you a Free Domain Which is Can convert Your Site To a Top-level Domain Later if You Want.

One thing Blogger having lack is, It has less Customization Option, No plugins at all Compared to WordPress. Sometimes, You maybe Not happy with the look of your website. That’s why Expert Bloggers prefers to use WordPress rather than Blogger.

If you are a newbie and want to invest Nothing But time Then Blogger is the Best Option for You.

Pros & Cons: “Provides Free web Hosting & a .blogsopt Domain.”

Install Now: Android, IOS

3.Google Analytics

You have a Website Hosted On Blogger Or WordPress. Now You should Look Into Your website or blog Analytics. This is one of the Essential Blogger Apps in 2019.

It includes analytics of where your visitors are coming from, How your articles are performing, How Your visitors are responding with Your site & many more.

Google Analytics has a built-in option to show You these Metrics. You Just Sign in With Your Google Account and Configure it With Your Website. After that, It is one click away to navigate through the different Options Of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics also provides you real-time metrics of your website performances.

It Is Completely free to use Google Analytics & currently having more than 1 million Installation On Playstore.

Pros & Cons: “Completely Free, overall Performance metrics with real-time analytics.”

Install now: Android, IOS

4.Google Adsense

Google Adsense app is published by goggle for Monetizing Web Traffic by using third-party ads throughout your content. You just download the app from play store, sign in with your existing Adsense account or create a new one and you are ready to go.

Everybody wants to earn money. If you make your blog only for sharing knowledge on the web and do not want to use an affiliate link on your blog then Google Adsense will be the best choice for you to make a profit from your knowledge sharing blog.

The specialty of the app is it has lots of publishers and a huge number of advertiser which will give you a decent amount of money.

This app will show you the metrics of an ad impression, ad clicks, ad units, Cpc rate, countries from where ads are clicked on and many more.

Currently, Google Adsense is having more than 5 million installations and the feedback from the users are great. It has 4.5 ratings on play store which is incredible having 5 million installations.

Pros & Cons: “Monetizes Web Traffic, Lots Of Advertisers & User-friendly Interface.”

Install Now: Android, IOS


Grammarly is the writing assistant app that lots of blogger use. It is very rich in terms of features which makes it one of the Best Apps For Bloggers.

It automatically corrects grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes in your writings. You can also set the writing style and it will automatically show the correct word choices in your preferred writing style.

Grammarly app is actually a keyboard that contains those rich features along with a pro version which is mostly for advanced uses.

You can also access to Grammarly using their website through a browser from your mobile phone. They also have a Chrome extension named Grammarly.

In comparison with other writing assistant app available Grammarly is the Best app available and I personally use it.

Grammarly has a rating of 4.3 and more than 100 million downloads on Play store.

Pros & Cons: “Writing Assistant App For Bloggers, Corrects all the types of mistakes while writing.”

Install Now: Android, IOS

6.Social Pilot

Nowadays everybody is using social media and it can be a very powerful tool to bring visitors to your blog. Sometimes it is hard to manage all the social media. Social pilot makes the job easy for you & get a place in our list of the Best android apps for Bloggers.

Social pilot Is the app which helps you to publish, report, manage and engage on social media across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and many more.

You will be able to post on all your social media with just a single click. Additionally, there is a feature where you can write a post and schedule it to publish on a certain time.

You can connect to 100 social media profiles and make 10k posts every day on social pilot. The social pilot is one of the best apps for bloggers.

Moreover, you will be able to send a reply to all your comments, messages in realtime from the social inbox feature.

Pros & Cons: ” Post & Manage All Your Social Media accounts with One single app.”

Install Now: Android, IOS


Evernote is a note-taking app which provides you a distraction-free space to write, take notes, adding an attachment to notes, clipping webpages or record memos. It is one of the best apps for bloggers in 2019.

It also has a search button to search on the web and you can also take notes from your search results or clip websites to check further.

The app is very rich in terms of features but some of the advanced using needs in-app purchases.

You can share your notes with others if it’s an Evernote user and edit them together in realtime. Moreover, you will be able to send an email of your notes.

Evernote is the Winner of seven Webby awards since 2010, including the 2018 People’s Voice Award for Productivity.

“It is Listed in the Collaboration Software category for the 2016 and 2017 Forbes Cloud 100, which recognizes the best and brightest of the cloud.” Said in their Website.

It is currently having more than 100 million installations with a rating of 4.5 on Play store.

Pros & Cons:Type Notes, Take Notes From Web, Search From The Web, Clip a Web Page , Share With Others and Edit Them Together in realtime.

Install Now: Android, IOS

8.Adobe Photoshop

You write an article and there are no photos in it, that will be not worthy to write the content. Images also play a very important role in ranking factors.

There is a saying that,” one image is more powerful than Thousand texts”. That means you will need images to make your content great and useful to your readers.

In that case, Adobe Photoshop Express app can be the best solution for you. It is Full of Features and has a very user-friendly interface.

This app Provides Features like perspective correction (Fix crooked images, correct distortion camera), Remove Noise or Apply Blur, Crop Images, Add borders & texts and many more.

You can also collage multiple images and add some stunning filters available in this app.

Adobe Photoshop Has more than 100 million installations and a rating of 4.3 on play store.

You can also Try Snappsed photo editor by Google.

Pros & Cons: ” Pretty much everything you will need related to Photo Editing for a Blog.

Install Now: Android, IOS


Feedly is an RSS Feed reader app where you can easily read articles from any websites by subscribing to their RSS Feed. This is one of the best apps for bloggers.

People use Feedly to read blogs, learn new topics, and track keywords, brands, and companies.

This app also has a search button to search and track others. You will also get ideas of what your competitors are doing and which keywords are ranking for them.

Feedly App is having more than 5million installation & 4.5 ratings in Google Playstore.

Pros & Cons: ” Reed RSS Feed, Get Ideas About Competitiors, Track Keywords.”

Install Now: Android, IOS


Pingdom is the last one of our list of the Best app for bloggers on Android & IOS. Pingdom is the app which lets you monitor your site.

This app provides you features like Monitoring site Health, Uptime & Downtime, Site Speed, Response time& many more.

If there is any error found On your site during checking You will get a list of them which you can fix it manually. It also gives you push notifications if any of the error occurred.

It shows the site monitored data on both platforms desktop & mobile.

Pingdom is an essential blogger app in 2019. It has 1 million installations and user ratings of 4.3 in the play store.

Pros & Cons: ” Monitor Sites Up & Downtime ,Response Time & Errors”

Install Now : Android , IOS


There are lots of apps available in the Playstore & App store. Our research on ‘best apps for bloggers’, we found these apps are the most useful of all of them and they are the essential blogger apps in 2019. Install these apps and save your time while blogging & reduce your work pressure.

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